goop’s healthy L.A. takeout

mouthwatering options from this week’s goop mag:


1. Ammo—Turkey Burger. 
Hands-down delicious, from the brioche bun to the grilled corn.

2. Café Gratitude—Kale Salad w/Kimchi.
It’s hard to go wrong at this vegan spot: The hummus is really good, too.

3. Sugarfish—Trust Me.
As its name implies, you should do exactly that (there’s also a Trust Me Lite, for those who can’t down a whole box of sashimi and rolls for lunch). Getting a table usually requires a crazy long wait, but their sushi holds up for takeout. A new location just opened on La Brea.)

4. M Café—Bi-Bim Bop with Salmon (the Grilled Tuna Burger and the M Chopped Salad are great, too).
It’s a mini-chain (a new outpost just opened in Brentwood), but everything here tastes hand-crafted.

5. Inaka—The Inaka Plate.
This perfectly composed meal is essentially macrobiotic Japanese food, and it’s insanely good—though it changes a bit from day to day (depending on what’s in season), you’ll find brown rice, sea veggies, greens, and root vegetables.

6. Mao’s Kitchen—Tofu Lettuce Cups.
It can be hard to find healthy Chinese food, but Mao’s is exactly that: When they say no MSG, they mean it.

7. Tender Greens—Chinese Chicken Salad.
This is a chain, it’s true, but that takes nothing away from this particularly good salad.

8. Larchmont Village Wine, Spirits & Cheese—Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich.
Pretty much everything here is delicious, in no small part due to a genius trick: They drizzle the bread with olive oil and balsamic before they assemble the sandwich.

9. The Ivy—Grilled Fresh Vegetable Salad w/Shrimp.
At $29, this is no joke—but it’s a delicious and special treat.

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