sexy salt air hair

Beat the winter blues with some gorgeous hair! “Beach head” is just like rumpled “bed head” but with a California twist — a touch of salt from the beach air.  You can easily get this sexy look even if you are (gasp!) landlocked — here’s how:
  1. Overnight: Spray surf spray (our favorite here, or make a homemade spray) on clean damp hair. Twist and wrap hair into several low buns or plait hair into braids. Undo in the morning, run fingers through waves and apply some hairspray (our all-time favorite here; for thin hair use this) and more surf spray while scrunching.
  2. Same day: Spray hairspray on slightly damp hair, then spray with a little surf spray roots to end.  Blow dry hair completely, pulling hair from scalp to add lift and volume. Lightly brush hair out, just to undo any tangles.  Using a medium curling iron, curl hair in sections, pinning each curl neatly and horizontally to scalp. Let curls set until completely cooled. Undo pins and run fingers through curls. Put surf spray on your hands and continue to lightly run fingers through curls until desired affect is achieved. Add a light dusting of hairspray.

“Salt Air Hair” print by Katie Daisy available here.

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