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There may have been differing opinions in the past, but right now every model, celeb, and duchess has perfectly sculpted full brows à la West Coast.  Get them now at favorite brow studios in La Jolla, Pasadena, San Francisco, or at Anastasia Beverly Hills for Nordstrom stores throughout the U.S.  It’s best to leave your brow sculpting to a professional, but if you must do it yourself I highly recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express palate (pictured below).  Stencils + Anastasia’s famous “Golden Ratio” guard against bad outcomes.

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meatless monday

Meatless Monday at bungalowc. — super delicious vegetarian recipes.

Black truffle fried eggs with mushrooms and creamy blue cheese over sourdough

cold weather knits

During the Hollywood knitting boom a lot of us beginners ended up with a small rectangle between our needles before losing interest in the craft (how about I just buy a damn scarf?!?).  But with the weather so cold and chic girls showing us how to incorporate home-mades, I am re-motivated to pick up the sticks and finally achieve the luxurious heirloom quality cashmere and wool pieces I imagined myself making years ago.

Learn to knit: Napa, Berkeley, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Anywhere

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ten ways to deal with change and uncertainty

cold weather comfort food

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a song for your weekend


Timber Cove Inn. The panoramic Sonoma coast ocean view is the real draw here, but the cozy bar and lounge lurred us indoors and there we discovered that this place is cooking!  We ate all our meals at the Inn and none disappointed.  Each dish was fresh (we saw the chef pluck greens from the resort’s garden), thoughtfully prepared, and presented well. Once fed, there’s not much happening here — a walk along the adjacent coastal trails and you will have exhausted the resort’s activity offerings.  But it’s not just the trails that might make you reluctant to head to your room. A coveted junior suite has been updated, but most rooms are strange configurations with outdated bathrooms, stained carpets, cheap furnishings, paper-thin walls, and overly large flat screen TVs. The in-room gas fireplace provides some ambiance, but it is rather noisy, clicking on and off to regulate the room’s temperature. Still, the sound of ocean waves wafting through the room’s window makes it easy to overlook these flaws for a night or two.


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El Molino Central. This pretty Sonoma roadside cafe creates the most authentic and satisfying California fresh Mexican dishes in the state. A must-go for the guacamole con salsa alone (make sure to order some for the table — it’s so good you’ll want to buy a little tub to-go), every seasonal item on the menu delights. Caffeine fiends will have a tough time deciding between the ice-cold glass bottled Mexican Coke or Blue Bottle coffee from Chiapas. Seating is casual at an outdoor covered and heated patio. Open daily 9am-8pm; try breakfast when not-on-the-menu sweet fritters are offered alongside perfect chilaquiles.

small spaces

TONIGHT: One King’s Lane CH+D sale. Items available are inspired by CH+D’s 2012 Hollywood Condos transformation.

tie one on

Spotted: vintage inspired California travel scarves by Emily + Ross

meatless monday

Meatless Monday at bungalowc. — super delicious vegetarian recipes.

White bean chili with winter vegetables
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