perfect spring gift

pansy petit fours 3 pansy petit fours 2 pansy petit fours

Just shipped overnight to my grandmother: candied pansy petit fours from Valerie Confections. Beautiful.


Flowers for February

february flowers Happy Valentine's Day Flowersfebruary flowers2

Perfect California Valentine. Via.

Map Quest

mapquest8 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA mapquest6 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA mapquest5 mapquest7 mapquest1I love a vintage map carefully rolled and tied with ribbon as a perfect housewarming/welcome-to-a-new-city gift. For vintage maps try Schein & Schein or keep it under $50 with a repro.

must love dogs

  1. Chief Furry Officer Bel Air Collar
  2. The Dog Lover’s Companion to California
  3. George S.F. Good Dog Flannel Quilt
  4. The Posh Puppy Red Scarf Cable Sweater
  5. DogLA Hammered Heart Collar
  6. SoCalDogCo Magenta Ol’ Globe
  7. Jax and Bones Heart Rope Toys
  8. Aroma Paws Deodorizing Dog Coat Spray
  9. Organic Oscar Lavender Puppy Shampoo
  10. George S.F. Pink Stick Chew Toy
  11. D.O. G. Pet Boutique Tag with Heart
  12. George S.F. Red and Creme Ticking Travel Bed
  13. Chief Furry Officer La Brea Collar and Leash
  14. Jax and Bones Magic the Cat Rope Toy
  15. California Collar Co. Locking Heart ID Tag
  16. Doggles Originalz Eye Protection
  17. The Posh Puppy Red Skull Pocket Fold Up Raincoat
  18. D.O.G. Pet Boutique Mini Heart Cross Bone Charm
  19. Sierra Dog Supply Black Travel Bowl
  20. Holden Design Raised Dog Feeder
  21. The Posh Puppy Boutique Fleece Red Heart Blanket
  22. George S.F. Red Gingham Collar and Lead
  23. DogLA Leather Scottie Key Fob
  24. George S.F. Engraved Good Dog ID Tag
  25. Bauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles Large Dog Bowl
  26. The Posh Puppy Boutique For My Sweetie Boxed Treats
  27. Jax and Bones Corduroy Bed
  28. D.O.G. Pet Boutique Glitter Heart Charms

Plus:  the best fetch and interactive toys, an insane vacation resort for dogs, and five great So Cal dog parks

decadent desserts

Tartine, Miette, Bouchon, Blue Bottle — some of the world’s best (Northern California-based!) shops have revealed their secret formulas for all to enjoy. Each book would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for a friend. Are they on your shelf? Pick them up and try your hand at the Banana Cream Pie (Tartine), Tomboy Cake (Miette), T.[homas]K.[eller]O.[reo] (Bouchon), and Double-Chocolate Cookies (Blue Bottle), served with perfect coffee (Blue Bottle).

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