pretty fruit

Winter blues are staved with a brimming stem-and-leaf citrus bowl: try mandarins, kumquats, or lemons.  Get an instant lift in spirit just looking at the colorful and refreshing display.


native beauty

Spring! Wouldn’t it be heavenly to spend it in a perfectly landscaped garden?  Going native is so easy (native plants tend to be inexpensive and easy to find);  Master landscape architect Lisa Gimmy’s oh-so-So-Cal solutions are the perfect inspiration — and her outdoor looks are easy to DIY/translate to your own space whether it be big or small. Happy planting!

happy weekend

Los Angeles as you’ll never see it
S.F. floral designer shares top secrets you can use at home
This is your brain on meditation; it could save your life; and how to meditate right now even if you are super busy
Mod World: Venice Modern Home Tour starts Saturday; Palm Springs Modernism Week through Feb. 24
Master the omelet: take a free technique class this weekend or let Martha show you how
Travel tips for the beautiful people headed to L.A.
photo of MM at LA's Griffith Park via

favorite market bag

I love my Apolis market bag — crazy sturdy, chic, and perfect for the farmers market, sports field, picnics, etc.  Plus, it has a waterproof lining that is easily cleaned (because eek). Apolis is this pretty cool B corp that crafts most of its goods within ten miles of LA — the rest of their inventory is sourced from microeconomic partnerships in Bangladesh, Uganda, and elsewhere.  I haven’t been out with this bag once without someone asking me about it — this post is my answer.  You’re welcome inquiring minds!

happy weekend

the kiddos will ♥ this weekend breakfast
girls have always raved about his shoes, and now he has a chic new CA vegan collection
ditch the restaurant on valentine’s day: ideas for SF, LA, or dinner at-home (make this pie for dessert)…plus, easy and romantic getaways
what to pick up now at the farmer’s market
must see. wow.
haha. we’ll drink to the canyons, too.

must love dogs

  1. Chief Furry Officer Bel Air Collar
  2. The Dog Lover’s Companion to California
  3. George S.F. Good Dog Flannel Quilt
  4. The Posh Puppy Red Scarf Cable Sweater
  5. DogLA Hammered Heart Collar
  6. SoCalDogCo Magenta Ol’ Globe
  7. Jax and Bones Heart Rope Toys
  8. Aroma Paws Deodorizing Dog Coat Spray
  9. Organic Oscar Lavender Puppy Shampoo
  10. George S.F. Pink Stick Chew Toy
  11. D.O. G. Pet Boutique Tag with Heart
  12. George S.F. Red and Creme Ticking Travel Bed
  13. Chief Furry Officer La Brea Collar and Leash
  14. Jax and Bones Magic the Cat Rope Toy
  15. California Collar Co. Locking Heart ID Tag
  16. Doggles Originalz Eye Protection
  17. The Posh Puppy Red Skull Pocket Fold Up Raincoat
  18. D.O.G. Pet Boutique Mini Heart Cross Bone Charm
  19. Sierra Dog Supply Black Travel Bowl
  20. Holden Design Raised Dog Feeder
  21. The Posh Puppy Boutique Fleece Red Heart Blanket
  22. George S.F. Red Gingham Collar and Lead
  23. DogLA Leather Scottie Key Fob
  24. George S.F. Engraved Good Dog ID Tag
  25. Bauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles Large Dog Bowl
  26. The Posh Puppy Boutique For My Sweetie Boxed Treats
  27. Jax and Bones Corduroy Bed
  28. D.O.G. Pet Boutique Glitter Heart Charms

Plus:  the best fetch and interactive toys, an insane vacation resort for dogs, and five great So Cal dog parks

happy (super) weekend

where to watch in San Diego, LA, Sacramento, Tahoe, SF 
veg out: delish no-meat game day recipes here, here, here, and here [and don’t forget the guac! perfect recipe = mash 3 chilled ripe avocados + juice of half lime + 1/2 tsp. sea salt]
go rhiners: SF zoo rhino eats ravens for breakfast
do you watch for the commercials? remember this SF favorite?
order super bowl treats here, here, and here
after the game: countdown to red carpet ready

happy weekend

Canadian in space snaps LA, SF, San Diego
Bay Bridge lights installation tested
guide to the best winter citrus, plus four citrus salads
this year’s winner at Mavericks
best. quiche. ever.
better sleep, plus yesterday’s how to create the perfect bed


Get your bed just right and it will reward you with rejuvenating sleep night after night.  Here’s how + favorite bed linens:

  1. Upgrade your mattress. No need to buy a new one if your mattress is under 8 years old; try adding a pillowtop with memory foam for extra comfort.
  2. Use a mattress cover.
  3. Rotate your mattress every three months. Even pillowtop mattresses should be rotated (though not flipped). Try this tip.
  4. Ditch down. While it can feel luxurious, down pillows and blankets are a haven for dust mites, mold infestation, leaking feathers and other nasty problems. Plus, eek.
  5. Use a machine washable duvet cover rather than a big comforter. It can be washed each time you wash the sheets (also, wash bedding at least once a week).
  6. Don’t over-pillow. More than six will overwhelm the bed (and you). All pillows on the bed should be useable — no “for decoration only.”
  7. Keep it neutral. Take a cue from some of California’s best hotels: all-white or neutral-colored bedding will look luxurious and inviting whatever your room decor.


 1. California-based Coyuchi organic sateen collection ($27-$682)  // 2. Target organic blanket ($29.99-$49.99)  //  3. West Elm organic pintuck collection ($24-$139)  //  4. Target organic 325 count sheet set ($27.99-$53.99)


 1. Frette Hotel Classic bed set ($350-$395)  // 2. Restoration Hardware cashmere throw ($185-$249)  //  3. Judy White Studio for DWR bedding collection ($115-$850)  //  4. Sferra 1020 thread count sateen bedding ($139-$1395)

hard truth

We’ve all spent gobs of money and pinned our hopes on little jars that promise a shortcut to beautiful skin.  The bad news is that there is no shortcut; the good news is that with a little discipline anyone can get beautiful skin:

  1. Face your food: You simply can’t have beautiful skin without eating right. Sugar and alcohol will age your skin. A green salad with healthy oils, protein, and veggies should almost always be your main dish!
  2. Moisturize: Drink water! Creams treat only superficial dryness. Girls with gorgeous skin drink water constantly throughout the day to keep skin looking healthy. Make it your rule to never refuse an offered glass of water (hint: your pee will tell you if you are dehydrated — a clear to light yellow color means you are properly hydrating!)
  3. Sleep: If you wake up feeling tired your skin will look tired. Most people need 8 hours of sleep; models make sure to get up to 12 hours!
  4. Sweat: Learn to love sweating. Exercise daily and throw in a sauna from time to time. Sweat pushes out toxins, increases circulation, and keeps skin glowing. Be sure to wash skin after sweating.
  5. Simplify: You need just three products to prevent aging: a sunscreen, an antioxidant, and a retinoid. Your sunscreen should contain at least 5% zinc and should be applied daily, religiously. See a dermatologist for recommendations on the antioxident and retinoid products that are right for you.
  6. Find a dermatologist: Spend some time researching your dermatologist; make sure to read reviews.  She should have a reputation for accurately describing the results you can expect under her care and delivering those results at lowest cost. You don’t want to end up at an office with very little dermatologist oversight where associates push products for the sake of commission.
  7. Skip the facial: California girls know that hotel luxury facials are for tourists and those seeking a little pampering — not part of a serious day-to-day beauty routine. Facials worth getting occur at your dermatologist’s office and include treatments that are specifically prescribed for your skin.
  8. Lose hope: if your dermatologist didn’t prescribe or recommend it for your skin, don’t buy it — most over the counter products at drugstores and department stores will cost you a bundle without delivering results.

Rethink your skincare routine


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